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#TransformationTuesday …hmm a little look back at the changes I’ve made since dedicating myself to the FIT LIFE!!! 🙌 Yea, the words alone deserve to be in capital letters with the two hands of praise 😄 and why? Because since adopting healthy lifestyle habits I’ve learned & gained the following: _________________

1. When I set a goal and remain consistent in my efforts I can achieve anything.

2. I am able to build the physique I want by manipulating my training techniques & eating habits.

3. Leading a healthy life has inspired me to pursue a career motivating others to achieve their own greatness, and more importantly lead healthy, active lifestyles!.


ARE YOU ABOUT THIS FIT LIFE?! 😉 _____________________________________

LEFT: 2010, Talk about thick! My life wasn’t so active then. MIDDLE: 2014, the present. #ThickFIT and rocking a strong body. RIGHT: 2012, in prep mode for my last Figure comp. The leanest I’ve ever been, I worked my ass off (literally, ha!) but I wasn’t Leg Pressing 810lbs 😁 …. Today it’s all about STRENGTH over SKINNY! #ThickFIT 💃 _____________________________________

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